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IdeaSoft Career Booster offers custom eLearning development services for IT companies. We launch courses for IT specialists such as developers, project managers, designers, etc. Moreover, we are experienced in the blockchain technologies niche.

It will give us the ability to educate, test, and select the best students in order to convert them into a practical development or management resource for your  projects, as well as your brand ambassadors.

What will you get?

Custom course for your brand

We will develop a course for developers or managers with an emphasis on your brand.We can take over everything, prepare and record all the materials, as well as collaborate with your experts and add to the course lectures/materials provided by your team - up to you.

Potential team members with a lower learning curve

We will test and evaluate students from the course, best of them can join your team with prior knowledge of your brand and specifics working with your company.

You will get potential team members with a lower learning curve and easier onboarding to your projects, and with the higher loyalty to your brand.

Brand awareness within Ukrainian dev communities

With our wide knowledge base, strong HR brand, and PR possibilities, we will promote the your brand in Ukrainian dev communities.

With a higher brand awareness, you’ll get easier access to Ukrainian dev resources for your projects .

The custom course development process includes the whole cycle from program building to sales on the ICB platform


  • A team of professional methodologists works on the course.
  • Creating courses according to modern micro-learning methods.
  • If necessary, we will find a specialist in your field of knowledge to create a program.
  • Developing the practical part of the course, such as home tasks and project work.
  • Improving course content with additional materials, guides, and useful links.
  • Providing comfortable conditions for studying the material through integration with Teachable.


  • Identifying the audience’s needs in specific skills and knowledge in your field.
  • Conducting the competitor's analysis.
  • Creating product hypotheses and developing market-relevant educational
  • Product promotion strategy development, including internal ICB channels.
  • Course promotion with advertising, PR activities, content marketing, etc.


  • We help to find contractors for filming and editing video lessons.
  • Providing the contractors with the technical tasks for production and postproduction.


  • We sell the course on our ICB platform, referring to your authorship.

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