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FAQ: Is Rust worth learning?

In this article:

#1 — What is Rust programming language?
#2 — What can be written in Rust?
#3 — What makes Rust unique?
#4 — What are the advantages of Rust?
#5 — What are the use cases for Rust?
#6 — Is Rust good for blockchain?
#7 — Is Rust language easy to learn?
#8 — Are Rust developers in demand?
#9 — Takeaways

Rust is used to create powerful and fast systems, programs, and drivers without performance loss or excessive memory usage. 

Rust is suitable for developers and students alike for learning purposes. This article will answer the question, «Should I learn Rust in 2022?»

What is Rust programming language?

Rust is a relatively new programming language. By its vocation, it is a multiparadigmatic, statically typed language. That is, every variable in Rust must have a constant type known at the compilation moment.

Rust is open source and completely free. 

The Rust language is somewhat similar to C and C++ because it was created based on them, but in terms of performance and safety, it surpasses both. It copes with its responsibilities perfectly. Rust is a general-purpose programming language.

Is Rust a safe language | Rust is Safe, easy to write, and fast | Is Rust worth it to learn - ICB Blog

There are multiple general-purpose languages such as C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Rust. Maybe you have a question like, «Suppose I know a certain general-purpose language. Why should I be curious about Rust?». 

The first reason is that there will be greater job opportunities since Rust is used in almost all development areas. The second reason is the convenience process of programming. In this article, we will explain why this is so.

What can be written in Rust?

The Rust programming language is suitable for projects that require stability and reliability under critically high loads. Programs in Rust provide high performance even in critical situations.

Rust can be used when working on:

As you can see, Rust can be used for a wide range of projects. You may choose the most interesting one. Or try all the project types to upskill.

Emphasizing once again, using Rust is impractical for creating simple applications with no need for micro-optimization.  It's suitable for highly loaded projects and peer-to-peer ones.

What makes Rust unique?

The Rust language is not something new. It incorporates many methods from older languages, mainly C++, and improves their security. The C++ language is a precise programming language requiring high competence and attention from the developer.

Rust frees developers from needing to keep in their heads all the relationships between components and their potential interaction issues.

What is Rust compiler | Is Rust worth it to learn - ICB Blog

This language's goal is to reduce the impact of human error with a very smart compiler.

Rust takes a relatively unique memory management approach, including the idea of owning memory. Roughly speaking, it keeps track of who can read and write to memory. It knows when a program is using memory and immediately frees it as soon as it is no longer needed. This ensures proper memory handling during the compiling process and makes memory-related bugs impossible at run time. You don't need to monitor the memory manually. The compiler takes care of that.

Rust development | Is Rust worth it to learn - ICB Blog

Thus, Rust focuses on code reliability and security. It tries to prevent errors immediately at the compilation stage.

What are the advantages of Rust?

The phenomenon of Rust is due to the following advantages:


Binaries are self-contained, with no external runtime apart from what the OS might deliver. The generated Rust code performs as well as equivalent C or C++ code.

Memory safe 

Rust’s syntax and metaphors guarantee that everyday memory-related troubles in different programming languages (null, data races, etc.) never go into production. The compiler flags them and forces the programmer to fix them before the app can run.


The way ownership is transferred between objects is precisely controlled by the compiler. As a result, there are no traps like memory-allocation errors at runtime. Rust does not require garbage-collected memory control, as in the case of Go or C#.

Easy to deploy

All Rust developers need for deployment comes in the same package.


Rust functions on all three primary platforms: Linux, Windows, and MacOS. It allows you to write programs for all parts of the system. That is, for operating systems, drivers, and service utilities. Rust is also suitable for writing ordinary programs used in calculators, database management systems, etc. They all run very fast and make the most of your hardware.

Rust language benefits | What is the advantage of Rust language | Is Rust worth it to learn - ICB Blog

Powerful language features 

The creators of the language preferred composition over imitation and implemented it through traits. Pointers are present only in code that is not subject to additional protection, i.e., inside unsafe {} sections. To replace them, safe code uses references, which provide correct pointers to existing objects.

Useful features

Rust has clean, transparent documentation that is easy to learn. When coding with Rust, it is easy to generate documentation. If a person publishes code for reuse, they can discover documentation for it on

The Rust team is working hard to make this programming language highly accessible to beginners and anyone interested in learning it.

What are the use cases for Rust?

There is no pure operating system on Rust yet, but there is Redox — a Unix-like OS based on a micro-kernel with over 80% of the software written on Rust. There are also other projects where Rust is currently showing success:

You may be surprised to learn that the quickest blockchain in existence was developed on Rust. But for us, it is no wonder the developers of Solana chose it. Thanks to its unique features, this programming language allowed them to build a high-speed and safe blockchain.

Solana creators from Geneva used Rust to guarantee the highest levels of protection and speed. They even denied some of the language features for the sake of efficiency. As a result, they developed a blockchain with a capacity of 710,000 transactions per second on a typical gigabit network.

Is Rust good for blockchain?

Yes, Rust is even great for blockchain development. Just look at this list of blockchain projects created on Rust:

Which blockchain run on Rust  | Is Rust used in crypto | Is Rust worth it to learn - ICB Blog

Preference for Rust in blockchain development is conditioned by the memory management approach compiled alongside development, resulting in a meager runtime expense. This approach makes Rust an ideal option for crypto development as programmers can develop cryptographic functions quickly and securely with this language.

Rust is also ideal for developing nodes. Something like C or C++ demands too much time to bypass fatal bugs, and something like Java can't offer high performance and security.

Another piece of evidence that Rust expands horizons in blockchain development is its use in Web2 and Web3 projects. Knowing how to program in Rust allows you to master many popular blockchain technologies, including Solana technology. After all, there is a shortage of Solana developers on the market. As a result, companies are willing to train Solana programmers themselves in Solana programming with Rust.

Is Rust language easy to learn?

Rust is quite difficult to learn. First, this is due to the newness of the language and the lack of easily comprehensible learning materials. Secondly, Rust is a little complicated compared with other programming languages.

Its’ goal is not to be as easy as the Go language, for instance. Go is known for having fewer features, such as generic types in order to stay simple for programming.

Rust's goal is to create safe code, so there is a tradeoff. 

The compiler doesn't allow the program to be built with issues. Developers are forced to fix errors before the program ever runs. It takes time and effort.

Rust’s metaphors also make it challenging to learn. They make for more verbose code. For example, string concatenation isn’t as precise as string1+string2. One object might be mutable and the other immutable. This programming language requires the developer to note how to handle such things. The compiler must not make guesses.

However, Rust is rapidly evolving. The Rust community is great and friendly, so you can always ask for advice on the official forum.

At the same time, you can start our free Rust+Solana programming course. We have greatly simplified the learning materials and expounded it into an accessible language. 

It is great for developers looking to change their specialization or even wanting to move from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. 

Free rust programming course | Boost your Career with online course | ICB

Are Rust developers in demand?

According to the latest SlashData report, «Rust has nearly tripled in size in the past 24 months, from just 600,000 developers in the first quarter of 2020 to 2,200,000 in the first quarter of 2022.»

This has been caused by several factors, such as:

It is predicted that the demand for Rust development will increase over time. Therefore, experienced Rust developers will be even more valuable.

Even today, Rust developers make $120k per year on average according to The fork salary of this profession ranges from $60k to $185k per year.

According to


Yes, learning Rust is difficult — you have to make an effort to master the concepts of ownership as well as working with memory. Just mastering syntax and speech construction won't be enough. However, Rust should be taught by experienced programmers because:

That's why we've developed a free course on Rust. In addition to theory, we give homework and mentor students so they can create their first program in Rust with our help.


This course also has sections on Web3 basics and teaches students how to create programs in Solana using Rust. After graduation, the student can look for work in the blockchain niche. 

Also, we call the most successful students of our Rust+Solana course for an interview with IdeaSoft and offer them jobs!

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