Oct 28, 2022
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Solana Developer Roadmap

‍In this article:

#1 — What is Solana blockchain?
#2 — What do Solana developers do?
#3 — Solana developer roadmap
#4 — Learning blockchain fundamentals
#5 — Learning Rust programming
#6 — Learning Solana basics
#7 — Training to code on Solana
#8 — Free Rust + Solana programming course

Solana developers are in great demand today. Many Web2 developers are moving to Web3 with the help of Solana. This way of moving from Web2 to Web3 has its advantages and disadvantages. This article discusses the Solana developer roadmap for 2022 and how to learn Solana development at home as a beginner.

What is Solana blockchain?

Solana blockchain is based on the PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm. Its high-speed transaction processing is based on the PoH solution, which allows time synchronization between nodes to be done much faster by creating a Proof of History. The Leader Schedule for validator nodes and the Turbine and Gulfstream data transfer protocols synchronize the interaction between nodes. This solves the problem of orphan blocks that are typical for other blockchains including Ethereum, and reduces block mining time to 0.4 seconds.

Proof of History Solana | Solana developer roadmap - ICB Blog
Proof of History

The acceleration of synchronization between nodes in the Solana blockchain makes it fast enough to compete with complex centralized systems. Other innovations in this ecosystem include archivers that perform distributed data storage and optimized transaction recording via Cloudbreak. Solana blockchain nodes are rewarded for processing transactions in the utility token SOL. Unlike other PoS blockchains, it has no restrictions in the form of a minimum number of coins needed to create a node.

What are features of Solana | Solana developer roadmap - ICB Blog

You can dive deep into the Solana blockchain with our other article, “What you should know about Solana Development

Some developers are worried that Solana's roadmap will be tough because this blockchain is relatively new and there is not yet as much training material for developers as for example Ethereum.

However, Solana has a strong community that the company itself supports. So Solana creators and the people are focused on helping each other spread and promote the technology. Everyone is friendly and open, working to ensure there is more material to explore.

What do Solana developers do?

The responsibilities of Solana developers depend on their experience. He or she must know Rust, the basics of Web3, Solana Frameworks like Anchor, Solana Developer Tools like Sealevel, and front-end frameworks like React.

Junior Solana developer responsibilities include:

Senior Solana developer responsibilities include:

What do Solana developers do | Solana developer roadmap - ICB Blog

Solana blockchain is becoming more popular, and the scope of companies that use it is growing. This blockchain can be used to develop projects in different niches, including finances, healthcare, manufacturing, and supply chains. So, Solana developers create:

As you can see, the Solana blockchain can be used for many projects. But the demand for Solana developers does not match the supply, so companies are actively competing in the market for them. Some Web2 developers see these opportunities and move to Web3 with Solana.

Solana developer roadmap

To become a Solana developer, you must learn blockchain fundamentals, the Rust programming language, and Solana blockchain fundamentals. Then you must train to code on Solana. We will discuss all four of these stages below.

Solana developer roadmap - ICB Blog

Learning blockchain fundamentals

If you don't know anything about blockchain, this part of the Solana developer roadmap is crucial. Since you will be working with blockchains, you must fully understand them. You should know:

You need to know what you will be working with. You must know everything about blockchains. Only then can you move to the next stage.

Learning Rust programming

Although it is possible to develop on Solana with C or C++ programming languages, Rust is more beneficial. It is a universal programming language with three main principles: speed, security, and ergonomics. Rust is characterized as low-overhead, flexible, and easy to deploy. It has powerful language features that make developing on Solana easier. You can learn Rust using:

Knowing Rust is critical for future Solana developers. Development companies prefer Solana developers with knowledge of Rust rather than C or C++.

Learning Solana basics

As you know, Solana is a platform for developing scalable blockchain protocols that are used for creating decentralized applications and smart contracts. To develop anything on Solana, you need to know its fundamentals. You can learn Solana using:

Without the previous 2 stages, learning Solana and becoming a Solana developer is impossible.

Training to code on Solana

This stage is perhaps the most difficult. To develop your coding skills, you must train to code on Solana. The following resources will be helpful for this:

We also have a free Rust + Solana programming course combining all of the 4 above-mentioned stages of the Solana developer roadmap.

Free Rust + Solana programming course — all you need to become a Solana developer

We are IdeaSoft Career Booster — a Solana foundation educational partner. Our free Rust + Solana programming course includes everything you need to become a Web3 developer and program in Solana:

As for the Solana part of the course, you will learn in detail:

Module 1: Getting into Solana blockchain

Lesson 1: What is Solana?
Lesson 2: Solana pros and cons
Lesson 3: Solana architecture overview
Lesson 4: Core concepts of Solana program development
Lesson 5: Setting up the development environment

Module 2: Solana programs development with Solana SDK

Lesson 1: What is an Account in Solana
Lesson 2: Your first Solana program
Lesson 3: What is PDA and how it works
Lesson 4: What is a cross-program invocation and how it works
Lesson 5: Creating an advanced dApp
Lesson 6: Solana programs security

Module 3: Solana programs development with Anchor

Lesson 1: Solana programs development with Anchor

After completing each lesson in the course, you will need to pass a quiz to check your knowledge of each topic.

After taking our course, every student has an opportunity to get a job as a Solana or Rust developer with IdeaSoft.

All in one course to become Solana Dev | Solana developer roadmap - ICB Blog

Make moving to Web3 easier by applying for a free Rust + Solana programming course right now!

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